About Us

NE Interior Plant Specialists designs, installs and maintains interior landscaping and exterior urban landscaping for any corporate or office environment. For 15 years we have served all New England with attractive live trees, flowering plants, decorative containers, artificial foliage  and just about any other interior plantscaping feature. Our guaranteed services assure your plants stay healthy and attractive.

Our Services Include:

  • Interior plant design that adds flair, color and texture to otherwise sterile environments
  • Installation, maintenance, rental or leasing of flowering and tropical plants, live trees and artificial foliage
  • Strategic placement and plant choices to create screening as an alternative to walls and glass
  • Stylish plantings of decorative containers, pots, curbside and window boxes
  • Holiday and seasonal flowers, decorations, greenery and plantings
  • Exterior plant and flower design, installation and rotation

We also offer custom-designed and unique plantings for private homes, corporate gardens, courtyards, roof decks and pools. Our service is professional and reliable and scheduling is available around the clock.

“Our interior landscaping has enlivened business offices, commercial buildings, reception areas, hotels, lobbies, atrium spaces and private homes.”